Why us ?


        Because Jey Travel is the only tour service provider in Iran that basically uses its crews' experiences in tourism. We are proud to announce that all Jey Travel crews and colleagues are experienced Iranian tour guides. The ones who have been accompanying tourists and feeling all seconds of their tourist presence from their button of heart and know how to deal with ups and downs of trips and this is what we do and feel. If we present a tour in Jey Travel, it is according to what we have faced and enjoyed having done rapidly so we efficiently prepare the best equality for our tours. We strongly believe the best tour package can be offered by a guide who has touched it. We have a full pack of different language tour guides that can make a nice atmosphere for all tourists from different nations in the great country called cradle of civilization, Iran. So travel with us to this country to feel the history and touch its nature, and be sure about the best qualities.




  • JTC-110
  • Iran classic Tour
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  • JTDS-201
  • Desert & Safari
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  • JTH-303
  • Yoga into classic Iran tour
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  • JTC-202
  • Persian Culinary Tour
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