Isfahan Daily Tour

Isfahan Daily Tour

Overview Isfahan Daily Tour

Isfahan Express Tour: Step into a 16th-Century Persian Empire with BePersia. Discover Isfahan’s royal splendor, serene mosques, and traditional tea culture in just one day, immersing yourself in the timeless charm of this ancient city.

Exciting Highlights:

  • Explore the historic Naqsh-e Jahan Square, a hub of Persian architecture and culture.
  • Marvel at Ali Qapu Palace’s grand terrace and royal elegance.
  • Witness the architectural splendor of the Shah Mosque and its stunning tilework.
  • Experience the serene beauty of Lotfollah Mosque’s intricate interiors.
  • Enjoy traditional Persian tea or yogurt Drink ‘’Dough’ ‘ and ‘Goshfil’ pastries at a local teahouse.
  • Discover diverse musical traditions at the Armenian Music Museum in New Julfa.
  • Wander through New Julfa, the historic Armenian neighborhood with unique charm

Your Isfahan adventure begins at the majestic Naqsh-e Jahan Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest squares globally. Immerse yourself in the history and grandeur of the square, visiting landmarks like the Ali Qapu Palace and Shah Mosque, each boasting unique architectural brilliance.

Next, experience the quintessential Persian tea culture at a traditional tea house in the square. Savor the flavors of Persian tea accompanied by ‘Goshfil,‘ and Yogurt drink ’Doogh’ , providing a perfect blend of cultural taste and relaxation.

Continue your exploration with a visit to the mesmerizing Lotfollah Mosque, known for its intricate tilework and serene ambiance.

Conclude your day with a visit to the Armenian quarter of New Julfa. Here, delve into the rich cultural tapestry of Isfahan at the Armenian Music Museum, celebrating the diverse musical heritage of the Armenian community in Iran.

Join us for an unforgettable day in Isfahan, where history, culture, and culinary delights come together to create a truly immersive experience.

The cost includes:
Tour Guide: Experienced, bilingual guide knowledgeable in Iranian history and culture.
Breakfast Included: Half board throughout (10 breakfast, 5 lunch boxes in ski resorts, 5 dinner)
Accommodation: 5 x nights in hotel or Chalets Dizin ski resort
4 x nights in local house or Hotel in Qeshm and Hormoz
1 x nights in remis Hotel airport, depends on arrival timeFlight: 2 Domestic flights, from Tehran to Bandarabbas or Qeshm, flight back to Tehran
Entrance: All relevant transfer and transportation, all entrances and tickets in ski resorts and the landmarks in Island as mentioned in the program
Visa: Visa reference number
Minimum Age: 12 years old.
Trip Type: Nature, Adventure.
Start/End Point: Isfahan, Iran.
Group Size: Small group for a personalized experience (max 15 people).
Arr.Transfer: Yes
Dep.Transfer: Yes

The cost excludes:
International air ticket
Other personal expenses such as soft drink, laundry and so on
Gratuity for local guide and driver
All optional excursions, tours and visits
Travel insurance
Visa stamping fee collected by the Iranian embassy
Any special add-on package (per customer’s request)


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  • Persian Cooking Class: Learn to cook traditional dishes – $35 per person.
  • Isfahan Artisan Workshop Visit: Discover Persian handicrafts and try your hand at crafting – $30 per person.

Spring (Late March to Early June): Ideal Dates: March 21st to June 5th

Fall (Late September to Early November): Ideal Dates: September 22nd to November 5th

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