9 Days Iran Rosewater Festival Tour

9 Days Iran Rosewater Festival Tour

Overview 9 Days Iran Rosewater Festival Tour

Discover the heart of Persia on this captivating tour, starting from the poetic streets of Shiraz to the ancient wonders of Persepolis. Marvel at the striking architecture of Yazd’s Zoroastrian Fire Temple and immerse yourself in the artistic grandeur of Isfahan’s Naqsh-e Jahan Square. Savor the aroma of blooming roses in Kashan’s Rose Festival and experience traditional Persian hospitality. Conclude your journey with relaxation and reflection in the tranquil gardens of Shiraz.

Exciting Highlights

  • Unveil the mystique of Shiraz, where poetry and romance blossom in every corner.
  • Witness the magnificent Rose Festival in Kashan, a sensory celebration of color and fragrance.
  • Step back in time at Persepolis, where the echoes of the Persian Empire resonate in ancient stones.
  • Wander through Yazd’s winding lanes, a living testament to Iran’s rich Zoroastrian heritage.
  • Discover Naeen’s hidden gems, from unique water systems to age-old architectural marvels.
  • Feel the pulse of history in Ardestan, where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modern rhythms.
  • Savor the essence of Kashan’s Rose Festival with tastings of exquisite rose water, elegantly infused in teas and drinks.
  • Be captivated by Niyasar’s lush landscapes, where nature and history create a perfect harmony.
  • Embrace the artistic grandeur of Isfahan, a city where every turn reveals a new wonder.
  • Experience Iran’s diverse cultures, from the vibrant streets of Shiraz to the serene beauty of Isfahan.


  • Visa Authorization Code
  • Arrival/Departure Transfer
  • Modern air-conditioned transportation for all transfers
  • Enjoy private car services on select routes
  • Accommodation 9 nights in 3–4-star
  • Meals: breakfasts at the hostels
  • Guided sightseeing with entrance fees included
  • Experienced Iranian English-speaking guide
  • Organization of the whole trip, 24/7 Support

Not Included

  • International airfare, taxes, and excess baggage charges
  • Visa stamping fee from Iranian embassy or airport arrival
  • Meals not included in itinerary
  • Personal expenses like drinks, laundry, etc.
  • Gratuities for local guide and driver

9 Days Iran Rosewater Festival Tour  Day 1: Shiraz

Welcome to Shiraz, a city where love and poetry echo through the streets. Upon arrival, indulge in a delightful breakfast before exploring the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, a place where the colors of its stained glass paint your memories. Next, uncover the history at Khan School, reflecting an educational heritage predating many European universities. Wander through the Qavam House with its magical garden, a quintessence of Qajar era architecture. Conclude your day at the Vakil Bazaar, perfect for an evening stroll and shopping for unique handicrafts. Embrace the spiritual ambiance at the Tomb of Hafez, a place where the poet’s words still resonate. Overnight in Shiraz.

9 Days Iran Rosewater Festival Tour  Day 2: Shiraz to Yazd

Rise early and embark on a journey to the Necropolis, a World Heritage Site where tombs of great Iranian kings, including Darius I, are carved into mountains. Nearby, discover a structure akin to the Kaaba, steeped in history and reverence. Proceed to Pasargadae, the resting place of Cyrus the Great, a sight not to be missed. En route to Yazd, marvel at Sarv-e Abarkuh, one of the oldest trees in the world, a living testament to time. Overnight in Yazd.

9 Days Iran Rosewater Festival Tour Day 3: Yazd

Begin your day in Yazd with a visit to the Tower of Silence, delving into the Zoroastrian traditions of honoring the dead. Feel the serenity and reflect on ancient beliefs. Then explore the Zoroastrian Temple, a sanctuary of faith and history. Wander through the Jame Mosque of Yazd, a masterpiece of Timurid architecture, and stroll around the Fahadan old quarter to reach the Amir Chakhmaq Complex. End your day at the Water Museum, understanding the ingenious Qanat system, vital for survival in the arid heart of Iran. Overnight in Yazd.

9 Days Iran Rosewater Festival Tour Day 4: Yazd to Kashan via Naein and Ardestan

Today, explore Naein, a city known for its exquisite Cloak weaving. Witness the Moon Qanat, a marvel of ancient engineering, and visit the Jame Mosque of Ardestan, a Seljuq era masterpiece. Enjoy a scenic drive to Kashan, where you’ll spend the night in anticipation of the next day’s adventures.

9 Days Iran Rosewater Festival Tour Day 5: Kashan

After breakfast, visit Amin-al Dowle Caravanserai, nestled in the heart of Kashan’s market. Explore the Agha Bozorg Mosque, an iconic symbol of the city. Discover the hidden beauty of Abbasi House, half of which lies underground. Wander through Fin Garden, a World Heritage Site, epitomizing the elegance of Iranian gardens. Perhaps end your day with a visit to the Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, delving into the intricacies of traditional Iranian baths. Overnight in Kashan.

9 Days Iran Rosewater Festival Tour Day 6: Neyasar’s Rose Water

Begin your day with the captivating process of rose water making in Neyasar, unveiling Iran’s rich essence. Witness the  roses transform into delightful rose water, a revered tradition steeped in history, even used to cleanse the Kaaba in Mecca. Don’t miss the chance to taste the rose water or relish a unique tea infused with this floral essence, immersing yourself in a sensory adventure. As night falls, head to Isfahan, a city brimming with historical marvels. Enjoy the anticipation of discovering architectural wonders on the evening drive. Spend the night in Isfahan.

9 Days Iran Rosewater Festival Tour Day 7: Isfahan

Begin your exploration of Isfahan by discovering the awe-inspiring Chehel Sotoun Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famed for its reflection of twenty columns in the serene waters. Experience the grandeur of Naqsh-e Jahan Square, framed by architectural marvels such as the Shah Mosque. As the day transforms into evening, wander the historic bridges of Si-o-se Pol and Khaju, where the echoes of Iranian folk songs might accompany your stroll. Rest the night in Isfahan.

9 Days Iran Rosewater Festival Tour Day 8: Isfahan

Embark on a journey through Isfahan’s Armenian Quarter, reminiscent of medieval European lanes. Visit the Vank Cathedral, a fusion of Islamic and Armenian architecture, and the Music Museum, where the soul of Iranian music resides. Discover the traditional bathing culture at one of Isfahan’s oldest baths, and visit the Old Iranian Gym, a place echoing with the heritage of physical and spiritual strength. Another night in Isfahan.

9 Days Iran Rosewater Festival Tour Day 9: Farewell to the Wonders of Iran

As your journey comes to an end, you depart from Isfahan with a treasure trove of memories and a deeper appreciation for Iran’s rich cultural heritage. The experiences, from the poetic streets of Shiraz

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Weekly- Saturdays 

Group Size

Min 2 / Max 8

Accommodation Class

Challet in Dizin, Standard Hotel

Tour Guide

Yes – Local tour guide 


Breakfast: 8

Minimum Age

15 yrs, accompanied by an adult 

Arr. Transfer


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Central of Iran


9 Days


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