Persian History


If you're looking for an Iran tour which will move you through the whole most important UNESCO World Heritages, "Persian History'. is an a wise selection, with no doubt. From south to north or east to west; it'll move you through the majority of Iranian tourism destinations to experience the land of beauties, IRAN. Jey Travel specialists are so willing to add your specific interests in order to make Persian History tour, as an exclusive trip for you; if you're interested to make it customized just let us know.


day 1 ; Arrival to Tehran

day 2 ; Tehran City Tour

day 3 ; Tehran to Hamedan Transfer | Hamedan City Tour

day 4 ; Hamedan to Kermanshah Transfer | Kermanshah City Tour

day 5 ; Kermanshah to Ahwaz Transfer

day 6 ; Ahwaz City Tour

day 7 ; Ahwaz to Shiraz Transfer | Tour to Bishapur

day 8 ;Shiraz City Tour

day 9 ; Shiraz to Yazd Transfer | Tour to Persepolis & Pasargadae

day 10 ; Yazd City Tour

day 11 ; Yazd to Isfahan Transfer | Tour to Meybod & Naein

day 12 ; Isfahan City Tour

day 13 ; Isfahan to Kashan Transfer | Kashan City Tour

day 14 ; Departure Day


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Day 1:     Arrival to Tehran

This is the arrival day to Tehran, the one you'll be met and greeted at the airport and then transfer to the hotel to rest.

Day 2:  Tehran City Tour

The second day of the trip, is when to have a really precise exploration to the central part of Tehran, also known as the old part, by the below sites: Archeological Museum, Golestan Palace, National Jewelry Museum, Tehran Grand Bazaar At the end of the day, you'll visit Milad Tower, the 6th tallest tower of the world.

Day 3:  Tehran to Hamedan Transfer | Hamedan City Tour

We will start a morning transfer to Hamedan, one of the most ancient Iran cities.As soon as arriving to Hamedan, we'll take our hotel and then start the city tour to the below mentioned sites: Ganj Narneh, Hegmataneh Hill, Avicenna Mausoleum

Day 4: Hamedan to Kermanshah Transfer | Kermanshah City Tour

The next destination to visit is Kermanshah, this is why we'll start a road trip to this ancient city to visit the below mentioned sites: Bisotun, Taq-e Bostan, En route to the city of Kermanshah, we'll visit the Anahita sanctuary in Kangavar.

Day 5: Kermanshah to Ahwaz Transfer

Morning transfer to the Zagros Mountains will start to Khuzestan province. Finally, we'll reach Ahwaz, the provincial capital of Khuzestan.

Day 6:  Ahwaz City Tour

Entirely ancient and historical sites will be visited during the sixth day of your trip. The sites are mentioned as following: Biblical city of the ancient Elam, Susa Excavations, Haft Tape ruins , Chogha Zanbil

Day 7: Ahwaz to Shiraz Transfer | Tour to Bishapur

Morning drive to the capital of Fars province, Shiraz. En route we will visit the remains of the Sassanid city of Bishapur. In addition, some of the rock reliefs of Sassanid period will also be seen in Tang-e Chowgan. Overnight will be in Shiraz

Day 8:  Shiraz City Tour

The eighth the day of your trip is dedicated to visit the most highlighted attractions of Shiraz which are mentioned below: Nasir ol Molk Mosque, Zand Complex ( including: Vakil Bath, Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Mosque), Eram Garden, Hare, Tomb

Day 9: Shiraz to Yazd Transfer | Tour to Persepolis & Pasargadae (UNESCO World Heritage)

Morning transfer to Yazd. In order to enjoy more of the road trip, you'll have two stops on the route to visit two of the most highlighted UNESCO World Heritages of Iran known as: Persepolis, Pasargadae

Day 10: Yazd City Tour

Yazd city tour will start in the morning by visiting the below mentioned sites, which are the most important tourism attractions of the city: Tower of Silence, Yazd lame Mosque, Dowlat Abad Garden, Amir Chakhmaq Tekleh, Zoroastrians Fire Temple

Day 11:  Yazd to Isfahan Transfer | Tour to Meybod & Naein

Morning drive to proceed to the next destination, Isfahan.En route, you'll have two stops in Nain and Meybod to have hutch and visit some historical sites including: Pigeon Tower, Nain Friday Mosque, Ice house

Day 12: Isfahan City Tour

At this specific day of the trip, you'll depart the city of kashan to start a road trip to Isfahan which is about 3 hours away from Kashan As soon as arriving to Isfahan, the city tour to visit the below sites will start: Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Imam Mosque, Sheikh lotfullah Mosque ,Ali Qapu Palace , Chehel Sotun Palace, Khaju bridge

Day 13: Isfahan to Kashan Transfer | Kashan City Tour

Morning transfer to the city of Kashan, where to visit many historical houses. The below sites will be visited within the city tour: Tabatabaei House, Sultan AmirAhmad Bath, Fin Garden , Agha Bozorg Mosque

Day 14:  Departure Day

Transfer from Kashan to IKA airport to depart the country

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